10 Halloween Event Ideas

10 Halloween Event Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner, and we want to help you make the most of it!

Halloween is now the third most popular festival in the UK behind Christmas and Easter, with Britons spending a record £310m on celebrating last year.

All this popularity means it’s going to take more for your Halloween event to stand out, so we’ve come up with some haunting Halloween event ideas that are sure to scare up some attention. Whether you’re hosting family and friends or employees and executives, these Halloween party ideas are guaranteed to create a scarily good time.


Costume Party

Dressing up lets people release their wild sides, and Halloween costume parties are a perfect way to help your crowd let loose. Consider hosting one if you’re looking for a school or corporate event ideas for Halloween — they’re great for kids, and adults. Include a costume parade or contest to show off the best outfits, and decorate with “cobwebs” and jack-o’-lanterns for more spine-chilling fun.



Live Music or Concert for Adult Party on Halloween

It’s always nice to mix things up and not have the same old boring routine at your party every year. Live music, Poolside DJ, and Eerie cocktails will always keep the energy going.

Depending on the venue, you may be able to book a big-name artist or band, or even go see a local rock band at a local club.



Haunted House Escape Room

Escape rooms are natural fits for the Halloween season — they can already be intense experiences. Feature settings such as a dungeon, Dracula’s castle, or an ancient crypt to escalate the scares. Generate a storyline around your settings to allow guests to participate as characters in the narrative, creating an even more immersive event. Pro tip: Pipe in dramatic music to increase the tension.



Pumpkin Contest on Halloween

This one is easy—just set out pumpkins and have people decorate them in their most horrifying way. The winner gets… well, whatever prize you want! The key factor is engagement. If they are engrossed in your event, then they will love it.



Murder Mystery Dinner

A murder mystery dinner puts you at the scene of the “crime” in an interactive game where one or more guests are the designated “victim(s),” one (or more) is the “murderer(s),” and the rest need to figure out who did it before another victim bites the dust. Have everyone come in period costumes to get in character and include a registration fee to cover the cost of food and drink.



Day of the Dead festival

Dia de Los Muertos is a Mexican holiday traditionally celebrated by members of the Catholic Church between October 31st and November 2nd. During this two-day holiday, observers perform several activities to mourn and honor any loved ones who have passed away. Celebrations traditionally involve dancing wearing colourful costumes and skull-shaped masks. If you want to know more about how to plan an authentic Dia de Los Muertos click here.



Masquerade Ball

A masquerade ball is an elegant event and instantly conjures up images of guests in formalwear and Renaissance-era masks, swirling to the strains of Mozart and Strauss. Of course, it’s your event, so feel free to replace Mozart with Metallica, it is Halloween, after all.



Halloween Quiz Night 

Test your team members’ Halloween knowledge with some holiday-inspired trivia such as, where does the term “jack o’lantern” come from? in a game show-style competition either between individuals or teams.



Theme Party

The spooky holiday is arguably the best time to plan a theme party, since options abound, whether you tap into seasonal favourites or go all in on the fear factor. You can go for some of the classics such as Vampire, Circus, or Alice In Wonderland Theme.

For more Halloween Party Themes check out The Best Halloween Party Themes For Adults



Neon glow party

Want to lighten things up? Then a neon glow party is for you. Ask guests to dress in glowing neon or all white and fill your venue with blacklight and glow sticks. Add laser lighting and neon body paint, then use a strobe light for a truly surreal effect.