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1917 Beginnings

ISH has a long and rich history interspersed with notable links to royalty, the Trevelyan family and London Universities.

The House was founded with legacies from three of its members who had been killed in World War I, and it was dedicated on 26 November 1917 as a memorial to British students who died in the war.

The House served as an important space for London's black population during the interwar period and was well-known as a place where African and West Indian students would not experience discrimination.

Venue Hire London by ISH Venues

1965 Our Park Crescent Building

A place to call home

Our headquarter building was opened in May 1965 by the our Patron, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother and with the hard work of Mary Trevelyan our first Director.

ISH students represent more than 110 nations, and we have over 40,000 non-resident student members.

Venue Hire London by ISH Venues

The Charity

Going further

A booking with ISH Venues supports our charity that fund the educational needs of bright young people from around the world. We empower young people to strive for the betterment of society through global friendships, the exchange of knowledge and educational scholarships.

Venue Hire London by ISH Venues

The Venues

Meetings and Music

The House operates as a financially self-supporting charity with a diverse number of self generated income streams including these venues and our live music venue 229. 100% of the profit goes back to the charity - giving young people the chance to study and benefit from the community at ISH.