Event Planning Facebook Groups Every Event Pro Should Join

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Event Planning Facebook Groups Every Event Pro Should Join

Facebook Groups focusing on event planning are great places to find planning inspiration, troubleshoot with peers in the industry, network, and brainstorm creative ideas. Facebook Groups for event and wedding planners vary from public to private and are as small as 200 members to as large as 20,000 members. 

To get the most from event planning Facebook Groups, join active groups that discuss topics relevant to your interests and don’t clog your feed with promotions. It’s also essential to participate and offer valuable insights yourself. 

We’ve done the research and gathered the best Facebook Groups for event planners. Read on >

See the best Facebook Groups for the seasoned professional 

EventProfs Mastermind – 2,553 members
Created for mid-level to senior planners, this Facebook Group is a great place to share ideas, perspectives, and questions about cutting-edge topics—event marketing, branding, and technology, to name a few. Debate topics are welcome as long as the dialogue is respectful and educational. EventProfs Mastermind does not allow spam or self-promotion.


The Delegate Wranglers – 18,150 members
This group is open only to professional event planners and industry suppliers. It’s a welcoming space, but it takes the ‘professionals-only rule seriously. Once you’re in, not only can you ask questions and share information, you can also search for or post industry jobs and freelance positions. Bonus: The Delegate Wranglers actually set aside specific times each week for self-promotion, typically a no-no in these groups. 

Event Planners Gather – 18,551 members
This group is created and moderated by BizBash, one of the top resources for event professionals. You’ll find the latest and greatest tips on everything from catering to technology and more. Event Planners Gather content is relevant and high-quality; no fluff or self-promos are allowed there. It’s a serious group for the serious pro.

Event Planners Forum – 10,506 members
This Facebook Group is run by professional event planner, business coach, and private trainer Simone Benson. The focus of this group is education, training, and mentoring as opposed to networking. No promotions, self or business, allowed in Events Planners Forum.  

Event Tech Help Group – 1,180 members
An event planning group that helps with event planning technology, this is a great resource for those who aren’t the most tech-savvy. The main goal of this helpful Facebook Group is to share knowledge in all things related to technology, from sourcing to implementation. In Event Tech Help Group, recommendations are allowed, but self-promotion and spam are not.

#EventIcons – 486 members
This Facebook event planning group is different from the rest; it’s open only to those who subscribe to their free video talk show podcast. But who wouldn’t want to do that when they talk with the biggest names in event planning each week? Members of #EventIcons can start conversations, ask questions, and receive exclusive offers once they subscribe. 

Wedding MBA – 11,058 members
Wedding Merchants Business Academy hosts an annual business convention for the continued education of those in the wedding planning industry. Wedding MBA is a public Facebook Group that features links to articles posted by Wedding MBA offering tips and ideas. Event planning questions are published regularly in the discussion thread to spark conversation.

PCMA Convening Leaders – 1,121 members
This Facebook Group is created for the PCMA Convening Leader conference, a yearly event featuring networking activities, dynamic presentations, and the latest technology and strategies in the event planning world. 

NACE Chapter Leaders – 299 members
The National Association for Catering and Events (NACE) provides catering, and event profs access to continuing education, the latest trends in the business, and a vast peer network. They also host the NACE Experience conference each year. Local chapters are available in many areas, and this Facebook Group page is a meeting place for NACE Chapter Leaders to gather and share resources. 

Event Planner’s Business Growth Group – 5,490 members
For those who have their own event planning business or are looking to launch one, this group provides mentorship to help you grow a business or break into the ever-changing industry. Members of the Event Planner’s Business Growth Group are encouraged to share their own resources as long as they are not spam-y.   

Event Professionals Marketplace – 18,561 members
A group focused on growing your career; this is a place to showcase and share your creativity and knowledge with others. This group takes pride in providing a judgment-free forum for networking, encouragement, and celebration of creative talents. Frequent engagement makes Event Professionals Marketplace stand out among other similar groups.  

Event Planners and Decorators  980 members
A supportive Facebook Group for event planners and decorators to share ideas and discuss challenges in their field. Members of Event Planners and Decorators are encouraged to share decorating tips and where to find materials that will ‘wow’ event attendees. 

Event Planning Club – 6,232 members
This Facebook Group is geared toward planning parties, weddings, and other social events. It offers tutorials, advice, inspiration, and networking opportunities. Unique feature: Vendors with services to sell are allowed to post to Event Planning Club -Tutorials, Planning Ideas & Vendors /Business Owners.  

Weddings & Event Professionals, Couples, and Planners – 3,595 members
The purpose of this group is to connect event professionals with clients worldwide. It’s open to professionals who are encouraged to post introductions, reach out for help, network or offer advice. It’s also open to clients to request a service. Weddings & Event Professionals, Couples, and Planners is a win-win for everyone.

Fabulous Wedding Planners, Event-Day Coordinators, and Vendors – 6,401 members
This public group is chock full of event planners, business owners, and event consultants from all around the world. You’ll find recommendations for venues and vendors, as well as plenty of networking opportunities in Fabulous Wedding Planners, Event-Day Coordinators, and Vendors. Self-promotion is encouraged.

Event Planners Club – 8,316 members
You’ll find frequent updates and engagements for learning and sharing in this Facebook Group. It’s open to any event planner, and new members are joining at a rapid pace, so it’s overflowing with information exchanges. Plus, Event Planners Club is closely monitored to ensure that content is relevant and posts are respectful.

A bit of etiquette for Facebook Groups:

If you’ve ever belonged to any type of group, you know that some members add value and some members…not so much. Unlike a business page, the content in Facebook Groups is user-driven, meaning most of the engagement and interaction comes from group members rather than a brand. Fostering this interaction is a great way to add value to any Facebook Group you join, and it all starts with these tips. 

Adopt an attitude of give-before-get and offer a piece of valuable information to your group before you ask for help. 

Don’t be afraid to share your favourite resources with your group. Whether you post a list of the best event planning books you’ve ever read or a link to the event planning software that’s never let you down, your peers will appreciate you for spilling your secrets. 

If a misunderstanding goes too far, or you speak before taking a minute to think about how your words will affect someone—offer a simple and sincere apology. Your group members will see this and respect you for doing the right thing. 

When someone shares a positive story or a fantastic event, give them a virtual pat on the back. This helps build confidence and makes you look like the supportive event planner that you are. 

Facebook Groups allow you to select from a list of publicly available, pre-recorded videos that you can watch in real-time with a group. Viewers can interact via live chat during the video. This is a great way to build connections and establish yourself as a pro. 

The best way to add value to your event planning Facebook Group is to ask others to share their opinions on a topic. Ask people to talk about favourite caterers, the best post-event party they’ve ever hosted, or even what they think about the post covid world. This can lead to discussions where everyone learns something valuable.

Facebook Groups offer a place to exchange valuable information, find essential resources, receive no-cost training, and make connections with others. Best of all, they’re filled with peers who understand your field and support your professional growth.