Important KPIs for Measuring Event Success

Important KPIs for Measuring Event Success

Event KPIs (key performance indicators) are the best way to track and measure your event’s success. When determining KPIs, your goals and desired outcomes are the best places to start. Goals will guide what you should measure to determine event success.

Not every KPI is relevant and important to every event, though. There are no one-size-fits-all best metrics for event planners. While the main event goal of some events is to sell as many tickets as possible, others strive for higher brand recognition or good event marketing metrics. Whether your main objective is to increase audience engagement, maximize revenue, or obtain more event sponsorships, this list will help you gauge event success.


Registration & Attendees

-Number of total registrations

-Attendee retention: how many attendees have attended the event before (loyalty rate)

-Turnout percentage: how many people attended the event out of all that registered (in case of virtual events, how many people logged into the event platform)

-Post-event surveys: measure level of attendee satisfaction and overall event success


Financial KPI’s

-Tickets, sold by type: several ticket tiers, including virtual event attendance, in-person admission, early bird tickets, VIP tickets, etc.

-Average number of tickets per purchase

-Tickets sold by date

-Donations received

-Incomplete orders


Marketing KPI’s

-Email open rate

-Discount codes used by attendees

-Website traffic by promo codes: see which sponsors or promo codes drove the most traffic to your event website

-Social media mentions: create your own event hashtag or social media profiles


Website & Social Media Analytics

-Website traffic

-Most-viewed pages, speakers, and sponsors

-Bounce rate (how many people opened your website only to leave a second later)

-Returning visitors

-New Followers







Engagement KPI’s

-In-person and/or virtual attendees per session: including drop off rate

-Live polling response rate

-Total Q&As

-Number of hands raised

-Most/least registered session

-Session feedback survey results


Defining and measuring event success is a specific and personalized process. Which KPIs are important to you will depend on what goals you have set for your event. However, having this list with KPIs in your toolkit will help you better understand which metrics are most relevant to your desired event outcome and how you can start measuring those numbers.