7 of the best wedding apps to help you plan your big day

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7 of the best wedding apps to help you plan your big day

Wedding Planner Assistant 
Built by a small team dedicated to improving the wedding planning process. Thus, the Wedding Planner Assistant was born. They’re not trying to replace professional wedding planners. Their mission is to provide a helpful tool to make the planning process more productive for everyone – including wedding planners. Check it out – no sign-up required.

Build a free website, registry & checklist for your wedding

Virtual Wedding
Plan your virtual wedding ❤️with this free community, courses & products. The community is for anyone – whether your wedding was cancelled/postponed due to CoVid-19, you just got engaged, or you just want to learn more.

Table Plan
Simplifying the brain-melting task of who sits where with Table Plan.
You can write down all your guests, and then drag and drop them from table to table. It’s much better than cutting out loads of tiny pieces of paper only to watch them fly away when someone breathes near them.

Appy Couple
For keeping track of who is and isn’t attending. You can send a nicely-designed digital invite to your guests, and get their RSVPs sent back through the app. It’s an easy line of connection between you and all your guests, so you can keep them up to date with the timings and plan for the day.

Even if you say ‘we don’t want wedding presents’, Aunt Jeanette will want to get something, so rather than having to get that horrible pair of cushions out every time she comes over – get something you like. Honeyfund is a registry app and website that can help you save towards a honeymoon you’ll never forget. Guests can add to the overall money pot or buy you activities you’ve specified.

Not got a way with words? Compose your wedding ceremony script with Wedwordy, a Web app for creating your vows. Designed by celebrants with over 1500 ceremonies performed, Wedwordy gives you the most comprehensive and effortless experience for personalizing your wedding words.