What We Can Learn from the Metaverse

What We Can Learn from the Metaverse

A virtual-reality space where users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users.

The Metaverse won’t replicate real life, just as virtual meetings can’t replace in-person events. But they are improving on in-the-flesh experiences in some fundamental ways. Both digital solutions bring advances that can teach real-world lessons to meeting professionals looking to enhance their experiences.

AR Wayfinding at an event.

The Metaverse isn’t so much about playing 3D games with someone in Brazil. Virtual reality and augmented reality immersion, and digital environments give people agency to write their own adventures. People want to participate in meetings in a more exploratory way today.

Instead of expecting attendees to follow a schedule, savvy event planners will figure out how to give people the opportunity to explore and find solutions for themselves without being told—the same way they search a gaming environment for clues and exciting activities. 

The ability to personalise will touch every aspect of the event, including language options. But as events expand to more extensive geography, the power they offer to customise information delivery will become even more critical.

The pandemic and subsequent shift to virtual meetings opened attendee eyes to the limitations and inflexibility of physical events. When live events first returned, people were excited to be together, but travelling and standing around can be exhausting. Some may want to make the first day live and the rest virtual to give everyone a break. Plus, you can’t make the audience give up the interactive tools they have become used to; they don’t want to be passive anymore.

Best of both worlds – hybrid and live

Give people the opportunity to interact in the ways they are doing now at home through live chats shown on the big screen on-stage, emoji comments and contests. Having a good host is worth its money; energy is essential for any platform.

An event platform is an insurance policy; the trick is not to treat the digital platform as a backup. And when it’s hybrid, don’t treat virtual attendees as second-class citizens. Invest some thought in their experience. When used creatively, streaming content can be even more potent than a keynote on a stage in a massive space. 

A surprising thing happens when a presentation is better produced than your average webinar. People pay attention. 

Time is also a factor to consider; in the UK, Gen Z may not be tied to 9-5 workdays and would appreciate the flexibility of letting them engage on their schedule. Traditional boundaries of time and place are out. People will attend when they want, and for the content they want.

Asynchronous content delivery with recording and on-demand viewing times staggered to account for time zones can solve many challenges and increase attendance.

How will you embrace the Metaverse this year?
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